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Flower Designs for the Future

September 1, 2015 12:00 PM

Look at that birthday arrangement!

Seattle has good reason to be proud.

Our local shop’s lead designer Mimi was the first of six to be selected for the design council at 1-800-flowers headquarters out of hundreds of franchisees! She was flown out to New York for her first time ever to help in designing next year’s arrangements that will be used franchise-wide. While we won’t know which arrangements will be selected for a few months, we are extremely proud of her! We can continue to talk about how great her style in arranging is all we want here, but it’s really a case of “seeing is believing.”

Mimi has over 25 years of floral design experience and her attention to detail is truly incredible. And for as hard as she’s worked on a daily basis, I’ve always felt she never got credit as a designer and as an artist. So this is a feel-good situation for all of us here at 1-800-flowers 4 Gift Seattle seeing her get chosen amongst so many designers across the nation. I know for a fact that she’s in high spirits as well. We thank 1-800-flowers for giving her the opportunity! As soon as we get photos and videos back from headquarters we’ll be sure to share with you the selected arrangements. I’m sure you’ll see Mimi’s works make it into the franchise designs. But if you want to see some of her arrangements sooner than later, you’re in luck if you’re in the Seattle area. Stop by Capitol Hill and she’ll be able to show you why she was chosen.

Mimi first started arranging in Tucson, AZ over at Inglis Florist and learned to design with some of the best in the industry. After moving to Seattle in '98 and working within a few other shops, her and her husband Lee made the big decision to start their own Seattle florist. They took over the reigns of Capitol Hill Flower & Garden, and since then have turned it into a well-loved brand. She has continued to master her very own unique style over these years and the difference between her peers is apparent. 

Our shop's name may have changed in recent years since joining the franchise, but it is the same local shop with our very own exclusive designs, but now with 1-800-flowers products to top things off!

You can check out many of Mimi’s custom arrangements through our Photo Gallery here. While we’re not great right now about posting to social media, we do like to occasionally post over on Facebook and @Flowers4Gift, so give us a Like and Follow and we’ll keep your status feed nice and cheery.

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